The CVI Protocol

The CVI Protocol Workbook
Student Portrait Template
Parent interview Template
Team Interview
The CVI Protocol: Observation Suggestions
The CVI Protocol: Direct Assessment suggestions
Direct Assessment Planning Template
Doctor Letter Template
Moving From Assessment to Intervention
Synthesizing Direct Assessment Findings Template
CVI Evaluation Report Template
Executive Summary Template
Sally’s Sample Executive Summary
The CVI Protocol Workbook: Frequently Asked Questions
Technical Manual

Protocol Course Documents

File Review
Savannah’s Student Portrait
Probing Further
Savannah’s Parent Interview
Savannah’s Team Interview
Jack’s Doctor Letter
Sample Direct Assessment Plan – Savannah
Sample Direct Assessment Plan – Jack
Ben’s Direct Assessment Findings
Savannah’s Direct Assessment Findings
Savannah’s CVI Evaluation Report
Savannah’s Executive Summary
Resource Guide Potential Accommodations
Report Writing Support
Ongoing Considerations and Progress Monitoring
Current Screening and Assessment Tools for CVI

Interactive Tool Links

Instructions for Navigating The CVI Protocol’s Interactive Tool
The CVI Protocol: Adding a new student
The CVI Protocol: How to Access your Student’s File
The CVI Protocol: How to Access your Child’s Reports
The CVI Protocol: How to Access your Student’s Reports
Frequently Asked Questions
The CVI Protocol’s Interactive Tool Security Statement 

Matt Tietjen’s Image Assessment

Perkins Protocol 2D image assessment write up and record form
2D Image Assessment Images PPTX



stick characters sitting facing each other with speech bubbles overhead.

How my guidance counselor helped me as a low vision student

Butterfly life cycle

Butterflies part 2: Butterfly life cycle

Smiling woman sitting on a campus bench studying on her laptop.

Reading Chegg eTextbooks with low vision