Two high school students, one with a white cane, outside on a bridge with their teacher

CVI Parent/Caregiver Community Chats

Join us for supportive virtual discussions where you can connect with other CVI parents/caregivers.

Join our monthly virtual discussion group for CVI parents and caregivers. Each session will focus on different age groups and topics. We will gather to exchange ideas, offer support, and gain insights from a professional who can address questions. Come and be a part of this nurturing community as we navigate the journey of caring for individuals with CVI together.

Schedule and topics

Each community chat will be a live virtual discussion on Zoom. Find the session that matches your current parenting journey—and click on the registration link to sign up.

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July 16, 2024 at 12 pm EST

CVI Parent/Caregiver Community Chats – Focus on Complex Learners/Deafblind

Speakers: Deafblind specialists Amanda Toczylowski and Megan Connaughton.

Do you have a child of any age who is a complex learner or deafblind diagnosed with CVI or suspect they might have CVI? Join us for a friendly virtual session where you can connect with other parents facing similar challenges. This will be a relaxed gathering to share experiences, discuss successes and difficulties, and exchange helpful tips and tools. We’re excited to welcome both Amanda and Megan, teachers in the deafblind program with years of experience supporting medically complex/deafblind learners with CVI, to offer their valuable insights. A dedicated moderator will be present to guide the discussions and provide support as needed.

Two high school students, one with a white cane, outside on a bridge with their teacher

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