What is the leading cause of blindness?

The leading cause of childhood blindness is called Cortical/Cerebral Visual Impairment, or CVI, and it impacts over 150,000 children in the U.S. alone. CVI is widely misunderstood and under-diagnosed. But the good news is, with early intervention, children with CVI can learn to see more.

What’s it like to have CVI?

CVI is based in the brain, rather than the eyes. Every person with CVI experiences their world differently. We put together this guide to illustrate the unique complexities of living with the leading cause of childhood blindness.

Want to learn more?

Perkins is at the forefront of critical work around CVI, identifying kids with CVI and providing them with the specialized resources needed to improve their functional vision. Learn more about the resources available to help families, the advances being made at Perkins, and ways you can support and raise awareness for the leading cause of childhood blindness.

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A boy standing on a path in front of a brick building reaches one arm outstretched to the side and one arm wrapped around his mother next to him.
A girl in a classroom uses sign language to communicate with her teacher who is holding up a card.

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A girl wearing glasses smiles for the camera outside.

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For families and individuals with CVI, get involved with our Facebook group for additional information, support, and resources regarding CVI.


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Aidan wears glasses and smiles wide.

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