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CVI-Friendly Videos: Resources for Students with CVI

Here are terrific, teacher-created videos for students with CVI!

With the recent – and sudden! – school closures due to COVID-19, educators are scrambling to create materials that can be used at home. TVIs have diverse caseloads with a wide range of student abilities and needs, making it even more challenging to create quality educational materials to be used in virtual instruction or to support families as they take a more direct role in hands-on instruction with their child. What about students who are unable to access general education online educational materials, including students with CVI (cortical visual impairment)?

Alissa DeSousa, a licensed teacher and a mom of a 2 year old with CVI, has created 15 incredible CVI-friendly book/song videos. These videos follow the standard CVI practices with a black, unclutter background, letters are large and outlined in red, and objects are simple and clear. There is slow movement to capture the child’s attention and slow transitions which support visual tracking skills. Many of these classic story videos include music, another motivator for students with visual impairments!

The video below is the CVI-Friendly Chicka Chicka Boom Boom book video.

Available CVI-Friendly Videos

Thank you Alissa DeSousa for creating and sharing these videos on YouTube! You can view all of Alissa’s amazing CVI-Friendly videos here! TVIs, like Alissa, have always been creative with lessons and creating resources (her first CVI-Friendly video was uploaded 7 months ago). In this unprecedented time for educators and families, having access to quality resources like these videos will keep our students actively engaged and learning. Please consider sharing your creative activities and materials on Paths to Technology!

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CVI-Friendly Videos Part 2: Resources for Students with CVI

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CVI-Friendly Videos Part 2: Resources for Students with CVI

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