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CVI-Friendly Videos Part 2: Resources for Students with CVI

Check out these teacher-created videos for students with CVI!

Remote instruction has been challenging for educators and families with students who require unique learning materials, such as students with CVI. Full of creative and passionate people, the VI community has embraced this new normal and is figuring out ways to create and share resources for our unique population of students. Educators and parents are using this stay-at-home time to create original education materials – and even better – are sharing these materials with everyone. A few weeks ago, Alissa DeSousa shared her amazing CVI-Friendly YouTube videos through social media and on Paths to Technology. (See the first CVI-Friendly Videos post here.) These videos were an instant hit! Alissa also shared how she created these videos (using PowerPoints and the animation feature). Susan Juarez has created more CVI-Friendly YouTube videos using KeyNote (presentation app available on Apple devices). Below is her Spring Babies CVI-Friendly video.


Susan currently has THIRTEEN CVI-friendly videos available on YouTube here. Thank you Susan for creating and sharing these terrific CVI resources!

Have you created digital resources for students with CVI or students with multiple disabilities? Please consider sharing them on Paths to Technology. Together, we are building quality resources to support students (and their teachers/families) during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond!

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