Smiling 4 year old using an iPad and Bluetooth keyboard with a braille display beside her on a classroom desk


Technology curriculums to assist TVIs to teach technology skills and to track a student’s progress as they develop technology skills.

The Curriculum section of Paths to Technology contains technology curriculums and training resources to assist teachers of the visually impaired to teach technology skills using various devices and software and to track a student’s progress as they develop technology skills.  The materials are currently organized into three categories: Curriculums and Resources, Quick Reference Guides and Checklists/Assessment. 

Please help us build the Curriculum section by sharing curriculums that you have developed or by sharing the names of curriculums that you use and enjoy.  Vendors are welcome to share information!  We would like to expand this section to also develop and include specialized information such as curricula geared for different age groups, information about what technology skills students should master in each grade, technology IEP goals and more.  Do you have something to share?  Please contact [email protected].

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By Diane Brauner

One-eyed monster wearing a white shirt and tie holding a computer.

Monster: Note taking skills

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Young child using a braille display paired with a tablet.

Writing with a braille display: Lists part 3