Creating high contrast images using your iPhone

Remove image backgrounds with a tap!

Many students with visual impairments benefit from high contrast, uncluttered images, including students with CVI and/or additional disabilities. A recent iOS update enables users to remove the background from images with just a tap!

Jessica, TVI extraordinaire, demonstrates how she uses this new feature to lift the subject from the background to create educational materials. She creates printed choice-making books or digital images for an iPad or ACC device.

To remove the background

To make a print copy of the image

Follow the steps above to create and copy the image without the background using your preferred device. The video uses Google Docs on the computer. Note: The steps might be a little different depending on your preferred word document application; Word and Pages have similar options.

For students using an iPad or ACC device

Follow the steps above to create a photo with the background removed. Paste the photo into the student’s preferred application. Example: The student may be familiar with an ePub or other book format, presentation (Google Slides, Keynote or PowerPoint), or word document application. Keep in mind that word document applications also have templates for book formats.

Jessica’s video tutorial, iPhone photos isolating subject to create high contrast icons:

Note: These images work well with APH’s CVI Book Builder resource!

APH's CVI Book Builder with images of two game choices.

By Diane Brauner

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