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Creating a Google Form Quiz on the iPad

Information on how to create accessible quizzes on the iPad.

Need to make a quick accessible homework assignment, quiz or test on the iPad?  Use Google Forms!  Google Forms is accessible with VoiceOver for both the educator creating the form and the student taking the form.  Google Forms can be used by academic students who have multiple disabilities, physical disabilities, emerging readers and deaf/blind.  These accessible quizzes can be used with an iPad and a Bluetooth keyboard or an iPad with a braille display.  Students can navigate and select their answers using only the arrow keys with multiple choice or T/F questions.  Keyboarding skills are not required!

Here is a similar post on how to create an accessible self-grading quiz using Google Forms and Flubaroo add on.  To do the self-grading quiz, you currently must create the quiz from a computer.

To access Google Forms on the iPad:

  1. In Safari, go to
  2. Open the Side Menu (symbol with three horizontal lines in the top left corner).
  3. Select Desktop Version.  (If a popup comes up that says you are using an unsupported browser, just close the popup.)
  4. Select New button (red button in the top left area of the screen).
  5. Select More.
  6. Select Google Forms. (A popup might appear;  allow the popup window.)

You can NOT create a new Google Forms directly from Google Drive on the iPad.  You must go to the website.

To create an accessible quiz:

  1. Tap on Untitled Form and type in the desired name of your quiz.
  2. Add a description of the quiz, if desired or leave it blank.
  3. Tap on Untitled Question, delete the text then type in your desired text.  

Suggestion: The first question should be the student’s name.  The second question should be the class.  These two questions are particularly helpful if the whole class is taking the quiz.

Screenshot of Google Forms creating multiple choice quiz.

  1. Select Required.  (Students will have to answer this question in order to go on to the next question.)
  2. Select Add (plus symbol on right side).
  3. Choose the type of question (multiple choice or other desired option).
  4. Tap on Untitled Question, delete the text then type in your first question.
  5. Tap on Option 1, delete the text then type in your desired first answer.
  6. Repeat for all answers to this question.
  7. Select Required.
  8. Select Add button to add the next question.
  9. Repeat #6 – 10 until all questions and answers are added.
  10. Select Send to email quiz to a student.  

When the student completes the quiz and hits “submit”, the teacher will be able to view the completed quiz from this page or in his/her Google Drive account.  A spread sheet with the questions and student answers will also be available in Google Sheets.

Screenshot of Google Forms completed quiz.

By Diane Brauner

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