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Creating Engaging Adapted CVI-Friendly Books with Nothing but Free Apps and an iPad

Learn how to use free apps to create engaging digital content for students with CVI!

As teachers of the visually impaired, we are always looking for efficient and inexpensive ways to adapt materials for our students with CVI.  This is complicated for some right now who are used to creating all of their materials “the old-fashioned way” using craft supplies and copy machines.  While students are learning from home, we need to make sure they are still getting the same, high quality adapted materials and we aren’t throwing our iPads out the window trying to figure out how to make them! 

There are multiple ways to achieve the same thing but the workflow I will describe today utilizes three free apps: You Doodle, Keynote, and iBooks. I will walk you through how to leverage these apps into a fun and engaging activity for your student! 

The below video is a live screen recording of my iPad screen.  It shows step-by-step how to adapt a material in You Doodle and then use Keynote to create an engaging book to meet the CVI needs of your student!  Addiotnally, the video covers multiplle, flexible ways to share this content with your student.  Resources referenced in the video are linked here.  


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