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Creating charts and graphs using Microsoft Excel

Using Youtube video resources to learn how to create charts and graphs using Microsoft Excel, including diagrams that are accessible with a screen reader.

Need to know how to create charts and graphs in Microsoft Excel? In our digital classrooms, teachers and students are learning how to use Microsoft Excel to create all kinds of diagrams such as charts, graphs and tables.  The Internet contains mountains of resources including step-by-step instructions and Youtube videos to support teachers and students.  Youtube is a wonderful resource on how to create diagrams: learn how to create diagrams, learn how to create accessible diagrams that screen readers can read, and learn how to create and use accessible diagrams using a screen reader.  Below are a few examples of Youtube searches:

Want to know the basics of how to create a bar chart? Do an Internet search for “How to create a bar chart using Excel Youtube”:  


Want to learn how to create an accessible table in Excel?  Do an Internet search for “How to create an accessible Excel table, Youtube.”


Want to know how to use Excel with a screen reader?  Do an Internet search for How to create charts in Excel with a screen reader, youtube.”

Teacher Hint: Our goal as educators is to teach our students how to be successful and independent.  One of the best skills we can instill in a student is the ability to search for and use information found on the Internet. Do not spoon feed your students – give your students opportunities to find practical resources on the Internet and to find solutions to their own problems!

By Diane Brauner

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