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Create Higher Quality Digital Materials for Remote Learning

Replace poor quality photos of print worksheets with scanned PDFs using your iPhone.

Classroom teachers are working hard to transition to remote instruction, including converting print worksheets to digital materials that can be shared on learning platforms. While snapping a quick picture of a print worksheet may work for many students, students with low vision often struggle to view these poor quality materials. Jessica McDowell, a techie TVI, shares a quick and easy way to convert these print worksheets in to higher quality digital PDF. Jessica stated that she was looking for the absolute path of least resistance for her classroom teachers – meaning no paid app to load or no new process. Many classroom teachers who were not techie before school closures are feeling maxed out trying to get caught up to speed learning all kinds of tech – all at once!

In the video below, Jessica demonstrates how to use the Notes app to scan a document, creating a higher quality PDF (with both text and the picture).

Note: This scanned document works well for students with low vision but is not accessible for a student who uses a screen reader.



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