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Create accessible digital math with

Instantly convert inaccessible math expressions and formulas to accessible digital math worksheets!

Creating accessible digital math materials tends to be time consuming and often challenging. What if you could instantly convert inaccessible print or digital math expressions and formulas worksheets into accessible digital documents? Even better, what if your student who uses a screen reader could instantly convert math resources on the fly? Now you can! is a groundbreaking FREE web application designed to break down the barriers in math education for students who are blind or low vision. has harnessed the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to promptly convert the inaccessible page of complex mathematical expressions and formulas in less than a minute! Simply take a picture of a textbook page or worksheet or take a screenshot of a digital page or worksheet, and instantly transform the image into a fully accessible digital Word document that can be read by a screen reader or braille display.

The conversion process

This revolutionary method is as simple as 1, 2, 3!

The sign up requires a name and email address. A unique access link will be emailed to you. Use this unique URL link for future logins. It is recommended to bookmark your personal link.

How accurate is the conversion?

Amazingly accurate! We’ve tried a number of expressions as well as tables and have been blown away by the ease, speed and accuracy. is a game changer for TSVIs and braillists who are responsible for creating accessible math expressions and documents!

The formatting of the document may change slightly from the original version. The content remains the same and the screen reader reads the math correctly. If the space in a table cell is too small causing the math expression to break into two lines, a screen reader will accurately read the expression but the braille display will break the expression into two lines. Expanding the margins of your document will resolve this issue.

Video tutorials

The following videos were created by Dr. Denise Robinson and are available on her YouTube channel and are available under the Help button on the website. In the video tutorials, Dr. Robinson demonstrates the conversion process and then shows how JAWS reads the math using Word’s built-in math editor.

Video 1:  Math & AI is – convert to docx from clipboard (make inaccessible accessible).  

Video 2: take an image of math and make it perfect math in Word Editor with a screen reader

This video uses the same content and goes through the steps while using JAWS.

Video 3: Math and AI – convert PDF math or any work into Word docx

This video tutorial demonstrates an XY table.

Video 4: Change math PDF to text in Word Math Editor in less than a minute with a screen reader

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By Diane Brauner

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