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Computer Science Curriculum Resources

Free, ready-to-go accessible computer science activities!

Computer science concepts and activities are embedded into classroom activities. Are you looking for accessible computer science activities? Check out this new resource!

The California School for the Blind’s Assistive Technology team has launched a Computer Science Curriculum Resources page. Dive into web development and computer science through their accessible, self-paced lessons. From HTML basics to game design, these inclusive materials cater to all learners. The curriculum is enriched by additional resources to adapt CS materials for blind and low vision students. 

Following mainstream computer science activities, this comprehensive curriculum begins with the absolute basics (unplugged coding concept activities), includes the basics of markup language, to scripts and larger projects. Students will learn how to create, design and test web pages using HTML and how to make and edit games.


Interested in other California School for the Blind resources? The dynamic CSB assistive technology team has recently released the Screen Reader Training website (SRT) with engaging, interactive lessons designed to teach VoiceOver for Mac and iOS, JAWs for Windows and ChromeVox for Chromebooks.

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