Compass: College readiness program

Compass: College readiness program, Perkins School for the Blind

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Compass is here to help your student, their family and education team chart a path toward college. A nine-month virtual program for college-aspiring high school students with visual impairment, Compass is designed to help participants proactively explore and develop a plan for building the critical academic and blindness skills they need to reach their post-secondary goals.

Compass works because it fills the often-overlooked gaps in college and career preparation through group work and individual coaching for the student and their educational team – including their family members and TVIs – that’s based on current adolescent development and learning research. This approach, known as the Learning Triad approach, ensures that students have a built-in support system so that everyone collaboratively and proactively develops a plan to address key college readiness skills — including O&M, technology, executive functioning, independent living, academics and more.

As a part of Compass, a student and members of their Learning Triad will each have weekly meetings with coaches (up to 90 hours total per year), attend virtual weekend workshops to meet their peers and create a network of support, develop an individualized Action Plan to outline a student’s unique goals and strategize how to accomplish them, and join Compass’ growing College Success Alumni Community for crucial continued connection.


For more information on cost or funding options, please email [email protected] or call 617-972-7573.

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