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Compass application checklist

Overview of Compass' two-part application and funding process

We take a team approach to our application process so that we can learn about you, and you can learn about us. We have a two-part application process: first, we ask that you submit your student’s application and supporting materials – listed below. Once complete, we will schedule interviews as part two. A very important, ongoing step is to initiate the funding process through your state Agency for the Blind – this can be done prior, during or after your student’s application process.

Part 1: Completing the application

  1. Complete your application online.
  2. Be certain that you include your supporting materials within two (2) weeks of application submission. Please let us know if you have any questions.
    1. Full high school transcript – for applications after April, we will request a mid-winter progress report
    2. Graded writing sample from academic class – regardless of the final grade – more than one can be submitted
    3. Current IEP
    4. Any additional information that will help us to get to know the applicant, including recent evaluations such as:
      1. Functional Vision Assessment
      2. Assistive Technology Assessment
      3. Relevant Evaluations

Part 2: Student interview

Once your application is complete, a formal student interview will be scheduled. In support, interviews with the student’s Educational Team and family will also be conducted. These interviews will likely be with the student’s Teacher of the Visually Impaired and with a parent or guardian. Each triad is unique and the Compass team will help you determine the appropriate support members for your student.


We encourage you to reach out to your state VR agency as soon as possible to determine if they can support your participation in Compass. The program is aligned with each of the five tenets of Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS). Our team is here to help guide you and provide programmatic information to your counselor.

Please note: if accepted, proof of funding will need to be provided in order to secure a spot in the program.


After committing to a college: working with the disability support office and professors

Pencil filling in a bubble test form.

New digital SAT


Navigating college readiness planning for students with visual impairment: a Compass information session