College building graphic with a map marker on a path leading to it

College Success Summer Learning webinar series

Summer Series: Students with vision loss, college and transition.

College Success @ Perkins is leading the way to systemic change in our education system for students with vision loss.

Why? Because the college landscape has changed dramatically in the last 20 years — and so has the high school experience. The skills required to attend college and the expectations for students have evolved.

This summer, we invite educators to join the conversation in our Summer Learning series webinars. In these sessions, leading experts will come together to investigate the state of college readiness for students with vision loss, to examine best practices, explore areas for growth and offer fresh approaches for students, their families, and educators.

Your contributions are critical in keeping the college readiness conversation moving forward.

Over the course of four webinars, we will begin to unpack the meaning of college in 2022: identifying essential skills that students need to be “college ready,” providing ideas on how students can learn those skills, discussing how educators can better support this growth, and focusing on growth opportunities for students with vision loss.

Register now to join us for one or all of these FREE sessions:

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