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College Success @ Perkins: Compass Program

Building Expanded Core Curriculum skills, bringing college and career readiness home to students in grades 9-11 plus their families and TVIs!

College Success @ Perkins is growing – and going virtual.

We are building Expanded Core Curriculum skills, bringing college and career readiness home to students in grades 9-12- plus their families and TVIs!

We have exciting news: College Success – the program designed to give high school students the critical academic and blindness skills they need to build a foundation for a successful future – is not only going virtual, but also opening up this expertise to a whole new generation of students, as well as the family members and educators that support them. We’re working to fill the gaps in preparation, so often overlooked as students enter high school.

We’ll be ready to unveil the full program soon, but in the meantime, here are some highlights:

Who can participate?

This program is designed for students in grades 9 through 12 – as well as their parents or guardians and their TVIs.

It’s an approach that builds a complete educational team for each student. Why? Because expectations for college and career are changing faster than ever, and now is the time to get everyone on board to develop a plan. Informed decision-making and goal-setting early on will help create options for next steps both in and out of high school.

How will it work?

College Success is a nine-month virtual program that will help blind and visually impaired students ramp up as they begin to prepare for independence in college and career. Through monthly group work and weekly, individual coaching for the student and their educational team, we will work to fill the often-overlooked gaps in college and career preparation.

Each team will work with College Success staff and other experts to learn about college and career readiness skills, determine how the student’s skills match up, create a plan together to improve specific skills – and, ultimately, establish the independence necessary to become empowered, successful young adults in school and career.

What will Compass: College Success focus on?

Our expert staff know that it takes time to grow the skills and confidence needed to be independent in school – and that it has to start early! So we’re here to help.

Over two semesters, College Success staff will provide coaching and monthly workshops to help make a plan to build the necessary skills for creating a foundation for success. The Expanded Core Curriculum is at the heart of this work, with an emphasis on the following:

Want to learn more?

Questions?  Email Leslie Thatcher, Director of College Success@Perkins:  [email protected]

Want to apply?  Contact Amy Ferriera, Director of Enrollment, [email protected]

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