Sphero robot ball navigating the obstacle course with a student holding an iPad running the code.

CodeSnaps: a SAS coding app

This mainstream coding app is accessible!

CodeSnaps is a free collaborative coding environment designed for K12 classrooms. Students create a code which runs the robot through specific tasks. In a classroom setting, students can be divided into 4-person teams; each student is assigned a role. In this scenario, printed code blocks are used to write the code and then scanned into the app to run the code. Only one iPad and one robot is required. CodeSnaps code can also be created directly on the app by dragging the desired commands into the program. In this scenario, individual students or small groups can create the code directly in the app.

Student Roles

A variety of CodeSnap activities are available on the Curriculum Pathways website. Below is a video demonstrating a fun CodeSnaps activity as well as how to run a CodeSnaps session. View the written instruction plans on how to set up the obstacle course used in the video: Creating the Obstacle Course Instructions. The obstacle course requires that the robot (the round Sphero is used in the video) moves straight from the starting point to the 18′ yellow circle, turns right and moves to the 18″ blue circle, turns left and moves to the finish line. Read the steps for the Obstacle Course Activity here. View the Obstacle Course video below:



Two printable coding blocks representing


Update! When selecting the meters to move forward or the turn degrees, double tap on the “0.0” In the popup menu, swipe right several times to move to the Picker Item. Then adjust the value by swiping up or down. Left swipe to the Done button when finished.

Screenshot of SnapCode app displaying the program screen: left side has command options and right 3/4ths is created program

This video demonstrates how to calibrate the Sphero ball.


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CodeSnaps: SAS Curriculum Pathways website (includes links to additional CodeSnaps activities)

Collage for CodeSnaps

By Diane Brauner

string of lights

Light Theremin

Inclusive Technologies switch toys: stuffed animals, race car, bubble machines, etc.

Switch adapted toys

images of Sphero

Sequencing Coding Concept Activities