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CodeQuest: A Free APH App!

Travel through space with this fully accessible exhilarating coding concept app! Now available for iPhones!

Update May 4, 2023: originally published June 15, 2020.

The CodeQuest app is now available for iPhone! This free interactive and accessible app teaches preschool to early-elementary age players coding, logic, and orientation skills. Download CodeQuest today.

“Five new planets were discovered at the edge of the known universe by scientists from the intergalactic space agency. You must now use the remote interface of your ZX-5 computer to reach your ship and return home.”  Your  students’ coding skills will ‘take off’ with CodeQuest, a fully accessible coding app now available in the App Store! APH launched CodeQuest yesterday (June 15, 2020) in the App Store – it is a free app!

The video below demonstrates the new and improved CodeQuest app – check it out! The video includes a demonstration on how to use CodeQuest with VoiceOver. Note: There are many important concepts built into this app, including how digital grid skills which requires drag and split tap gestures for ultimate efficiency and success!


APH has created tactile graphic designs for the first levels. Many young students who are used to tactile graphics and are transitioning to digital materials will initially benefit from pairing the tactile graphics with the digital CodeQuest grids. These tactile graphic files are available on the APH website here, under the Downloads tab. There are files embossers and 3D printer! 

CodeQuest started as a computer science student team project at the University of North Carolina. Several teams and several semesters later, the proof-of-concept app was shared with APH, who took over the app, field tested, modified, and released the app in the App Store. Learn more about the different levels and obstacles in CodeQuest in the previous CodeQuest posts. Note: The videos in the posts below were made with the UNC beta version of the app, which had different planet names, 3 levels per planet, and a few other changes. The game play is the same!

CodeQuest Posts

By Diane Brauner

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