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ChromeVox: From Basics to Mastery in 6 weeks!

Learn all about Chromebook with the ChromeVox screen reader with this video tutorial!

Chromebooks are popular tablets used by numerous school districts. ChromeVox is the built-in screen reader for Chromebooks. Have you tried ChromeVox recently? ChromeVox has come a long way since it was initially released! CATIS certified, Amy Snow is an amazing, knowledgeable expert who has created the ChromeVox: From Basics to Mastery, a 6-week online course geared for TVIs and students. These 6 video tutorials are easy to follow and include the accompanying Google Slide presentations. Each video is around 20 minutes: the videos are packed full of information!

The ChromeVox: From Basics to Mastery series is available on the Wisconsin Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired’s YouTube channel under the ChromeVox: From Basics to Mastery playlist.

Below is the Week One video tutorial:


Bonus! ChromeVox: Google Slides Video Tutorial – Amy has created a Google Slides video tutorial too!

Video tutorials are reposted on Paths to Technology with author’s permission.


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