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Chromebook Accessibility Training Program: ACVREP

Learn all about the Chromebook accessibility!

Chromebooks are popular tablets used in classrooms. In January 2020, Google stated over 40 million Chromebooks were being used in classrooms worldwide and growing!

Chromebooks have significantly stepped up their accessibility and more students who rely on a screen reader are successfully using Chromebooks in classrooms and beyond. Are YOU familiar with Chromebook accessibility? Do you want to be a Chromebook A11Y Expert?

ACVREP and Google have launched a FREE Chromebook Accessibility Training Program. This is an 8 module online training program with video tutorials, handouts, quiz after each module and a final test. After successful completion, participants will be awarded the Chromebook A11Y Expert digital badge that can be displayed on your emails, social media and personal website. Professionals can hone their skills in using and teaching Chromebooks and consumers (and/or students!) can increase their tech skills using the Chromebooks’ built-in accessibility!

Note: The Chromebook Accessibility Training program is FREE for participants who register before June 1st. After registering, participants can begin the training at any time and are not required to complete the training before June 1st. After June 1st, the training can be purchased through ACVREP for a minimal fee.

Participants who have taken the training are raving about it!


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