Index finger pressing Control Key on a Chromebook.

Chromebook accessibility: Sticky keys, zoom and voice typing

Try these accessibility features with students who use one hand!

Chromebooks have some cool accessibility features! Have you tried these features?

Sticky Keys

“Sticky keys” are an accessibility feature that enables modifier keys (such as Control, Alt, or shift) to remain active even when they are not pressed. This enables users who have physical disabilities, to press keys one at a time instead of simultaneously.

Jessica McDowell, TVI extraordinaire, created this video to show how her student who uses one finger typing and finds the trackpad mouse pointer challenging, takes advantage of built-in accessibility features. Chromebook Sticky Keys Voice Typing Zoom Accessibility Options video:

Modifier keys: A special key (or combination) on a computer keyboard that temporarily modifies the normal action of another key when pressed together. On a Chromebook, the main modifier keys are control, alt, shift, and search. Keyboard shortcuts using modifier keys let you do all sorts of things without using your mouse, like zooming in and out, selecting text, opening new tabs or windows).

Shelf: The row of apps and buttons at the bottom of the screen.

Check settings

 Use Control Plus to zoom in on page area

Use Control Shift Plus to zoom in on everything, including tabs and the things in the shelf

Use dictation

To use Voice Typing large microphone button in Google Docs

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