Using laminated symbols

Choice Making Activities with Switch Apps

Encourage your student with multiple disabilities to communicate and make choices using their favorite apps!

In my last post on my Favorite Cause and Effect Switch Apps for Students with Visual Impairments, I mentioned 5 of my favorite apps that are switch accessible for children with visual impairments and Physical Challenges.  

In order to build-in some choice making and communication skills into this routine, the Speech Language Pathologist and I created a “Switch App Choice Making Board” for our students with a good amount of functional vision and experience with each app. 

Logos of 6 favorite switch apps; each logo is individually laminated and attached by Velcro to a laminated choice board.

Here is how we introduce each app

  1. We let them play appropriate app 10 times while also showing them the symbol from the board that corresponds with the app.
  2. We then begin to visually present each app in a field of 2-3, depending on the child’s level of visually processing on a black cardboard or foam core background.  We base the student’s response on eye gaze and/or reaching behaviors towards a specific app symbol.
  3. We then take data for each student on which ipad apps they are consistently picking.

Future Lesson Development

Create a tactile app choice making board for students who have little Functional Vision.

One last note

We created the visual choice making board by taking screen shots of each app from the App Store and cutting and pasting them into Boardmaker.

By Julie Johnson

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