This badge is awarded to individuals who have completed the CHARGE Syndrome Self-Paced Tutorial. This tutorial educates participants on the impact of CHARGE Syndrome on communication, behavior, social, and motor skills.


In order to earn this micro-credential, participants will need to demonstrate the ability to demonstrate achievement of the following learning objectives:

Learning Outcomes/Objectives

Participants will:

  1. Identify the major symptoms of and variations in presentation of CHARGE syndrome
  2. Name the four major diagnostic criteria for CHARGE syndrome
  3. Illustrate the basic genetic cause for CHARGE syndrome
  4. Describe sensory issues in individuals with CHARGE syndrome, and detail variations in how they may affect individuals
  5. Identify the initial effects on a family of having a child with CHARGE syndrome
  6. Define and utilize the Communication Bubble
  7. Define Total Communication and explain its importance
  8. Describe how to incorporate these practices into your communication with an individual with CHARGE Syndrome.
  9. Apply theories of deafblind communication to students with CHARGE Syndrome.
  10. Describe several behavioral/personality characteristics of individuals with CHARGE syndrome
  11. Identify common sources of pain in individuals with CHARGE syndrome, and explain why it is important to pay attention to pain.
  12. List a variety of teaching strategies/intervention approaches to helping an individual with CHARGE syndrome who is experiencing pain or displaying unusual behavior.
  13. List strategies to assist individuals with CHARGE syndrome with social/emotional skill development.
  14. Describe the differences between motor milestones (gross and fine) of typical children and of children with CHARGE syndrome
  15. Explain some reasons why attachment might be difficult for a child with CHARGE syndrome.
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CHARGE Syndrome Foundation overview

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CHARGE Syndrome: Behavioral Issues

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CHARGE Syndrome: Sensory Processing