Screenshot of Canvas Home Page with 5 high school classes and text

Challenge Solutions: Canvas on a Mac with VoiceOver

A video tutorial of the Canvas virtual platform using a Mac with VoiceOver.

Macy, a recent high school graduate, shares how she uses Canvas with Mac running VoiceOver to access her AP Biology class.

Canvas is a web-based learning management system (LMS) that supports online learning and teaching used by many K12 classes, university classes, and virtual classes. 

Macy goes step-by-step through how to access Canvas with a screen reader. This is a user-friendly tutorial of a real student accessing real class materials! Macy shares strategies on how she navigates Canvas and her work-arounds for commands or features that did not work as expected. This video is excellent for students who are familiar with VoiceOver and learning Canvas and for students (and their teachers!) who may not be as comfortable with VoiceOver commands.

Note: This video is an excellent college readiness video – even if your high school does not use Canvas – keep in mind that many universities do use Canvas or a similar learning management system! Does your college-bound student know how to navigate a learning management system?

A Tutorial of Canvas on a Mac with VoiceOver video:


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