Carson sits on a part bench with his arm around his infant son, Henry, who has CVI.

Celebrating CVI dads: Stories of fatherhood and raising children with CVI

In our heartwarming new series, it’s time to show CVI dads some love. We shine a spotlight on the experiences, challenges, and triumphs of fathers raising kids with Cerebral/Cortical Visual Impairment.

We have so much love and appreciation for CVI dads — the ones who prep breakfast, lunch, and dinner, who build adapted environments, tinker with AAC software, do the research, live in the moment with their kids, challenge societal norms, and quietly make the world go round for their families.

Yet, according to one extensive 2017 study, “Fathers are underrepresented in the parenting in childhood neurodisability literature”  — including on CVI Now! Since most, if not all, of the parenting pieces created for CVI Now were expertly, empathetically written by mothers of children with CVI, we’ve set out on a mission to put a spotlight on CVI fathers.  

Similar to how no two children with CVI are exactly alike, neither is parenting children with CVI. Being a CVI parent, and more largely a disability parent, is unique to every individual. So let’s talk about the journeys — the multitudes of them — experienced by CVI dads.

Our strategy? Uncover the answers to a few burning questions: Where are the CVI dads and how can we understand them better? What are the challenges unique to being a disability dad? What are the joys? What do other dads, educators, and medical providers need to know about being the father of a kid with CVI? And more.

CVI dads are out there, and they want to share their stories of fatherhood.

Follow the links below to read about how these partners in parenthood shine in our new series on celebrating CVI dads. 

New stories are published periodically, so check back often!

Are you a CVI dad who wants to share your story?

Write to us at [email protected].

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Celebrating CVI dads: Isaac and Emmett

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