A basket of eyeglasses

Caring for Eyeglasses

Teach children responsibility and care for their belongings.

The idea of this activity to is to learn to care for one’s own glasses.  Many of our children wear glasses and should be learning to care for them.  I created this work for my classroom for our practical life area.  I found most of the materials at my local Goodwill store.  I felt that caring for our glasses was truly a useful and important skill for my kids and they have really enjoyed doing the work.  I try to set all my work up so that the kids work from left to right (literacy skill!!) and my focus is always on the process, not the product.  I think those things are important to consider and remember when working with a child.                         

  1. The student gets the work tray and carries it to a table.
  2. They choose a pair of glasses, spray them with the water (one time on each lens) and then clean the lens with the cloth.
  3. Now they put the glasses in a case and place them to the side. 
  4. Then they start on the next pair of glasses.
  5. Once done, they remove all the glasses from the case, put the materials back as they found them on the tray, and put the tray away.


After the students have had practice with this activity, have them clean their own glasses.


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