Photo of Canute 360 braille e-reader and text

Canute 360: Multi-Line Braille e-Reader

The Canute 360 is available NOW!

The Canute 360 is a standalone desktop multi-line Braille e-reader. Yes, “360” means 360 braille cells: 9 lines with 40 characters per line. There are two distributors in the US (AT Guys, USA and American Thermoform Corporation, USA) along with one distributor in the UK (Techno-Vision Systems Ltd). Currently, the US distributors price the Canute around $2,500.

The video below discusses and demonstrates the Canute. Note: The video was created in 2018 – at that time, the Canute had not been publicly released.

For more details, go to Bristol Braille’s website. If you have questions, please go to Bristol Braille’s website or email Bristol Braille directly.

Teachers of the Visually Impaired: Please share your personal experiences with the Canute – we would love to hear about students using the Canute in the classroom!


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