image of space with sound wave and music notes.

Call for Space Sonification Art: Paid Summer Opportunity!

Use your talents during this 6-week art residency at the Baltimore Space Telescope Science institute!

Calling BVI high school artists! Make art about astronomy and outer space to be enjoyed by a blind audience! 

We want your help sharing astronomy data using art! Sonification is the process of converting data to sound. When it’s astronomical data, we call it Space Sonification. We are looking for passionate high school artists to create a piece in the medium of your choice. It can be music, animation, drawing, writing, dance…whatever you like. It just needs to be about sonification and something we can share with the world. 

Apply for a 6-week, paid art residency at Baltimore’s Space Telescope Science Institute. Students will receive a $800 dollar stipend for their work.

Apply at STSI here.

Have questions? Contact Jenn Kotler: [email protected]

We will meet weekly to exchange ideas, see your progress, and learn more about the science behind space sonification to inspire your work.

We will be accepting applications until midnight Thursday, July 1st. We will be in touch whether your application was accepted by July 14th.

Example Ideas for Art Projects

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