Screenshot from the Bubbly app with the Word bubble 'Answer' and confetti on the screen.
Software update

Bubbly Updates: CVI literacy app

Check out the new features in the Bubbly app!

Don’t you just love it when app developers listen? The popular Bubbly CVI Literacy App has been updated! In a previous post, we asked Paths to Technology viewers to provide feedback about the next steps for Bubbly development. A number of TSVIs stepped up and shared experiences about their students using Bubbly along with thoughtful suggestions for future features. App Team Carolina, the volunteer app developers, have used this feedback to create Bubbly’s new features. 

New Features

1st grade word list: Bubbly is being used with a range of CVI students and educators requested a 1st grade sight word list – adding another 100 words to choose from! 

The Read Aloud Feature: When the correct word is dragged to the word bubble and the Read Aloud Feature is turned on, the correct word is announced. To turn on Read Aloud, select Settings > Read Aloud and toggle on. (The default is Read Aloud off.)

The Use Previous Words: After playing a round, educators can choose to reuse the words selected in the previous round, meaning that you no longer have to select the same words to play again. This makes game play so much easier! Note: When you select Use Previous Words, the same list of words will appear selected; you can add or remove words from this list. The Use Previous Words button can be found under: 

Set up > select the desired word list > Use Previous Words button

Next button: Many CVI students need extra time to visually look at and interpret what is on the screen. Previously, the game automatically moved on to the next round after dragging the correct word to the word bubble and watching the confetti drift down. Now, the player/educator can control when the game moves to the next round. The Next button appears in the bottom right corner after the correct word is dragged to the word bubble.

Future Updates

The App Team Carolina is currently working on additional features, including:

Note: If you have used Bubbly with a switch, we would like to hear about your experiences! Contact [email protected] Be sure to include the type of switch that you used.

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