Solar eclipse diagram with the moon between the sun and earth.

Break the Braille code: Solar eclipse resource

Free "Break the Code" solar eclipse resource for students with vision/dual media.

Jeanette Norman created another wonderful free low vision/dual media learning activity for the upcoming solar eclipse!

Break the Code Solar Eclipse resource with image and description of a solar eclipse.

Download the free break the code worksheets with simulated braille, visual flashcards, decoder sheet and corresponding Easel activity, an online learning platform. Jeanette shares this 11 page free resource on her TPT page, TVI Resources.

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Monarch multiline braille display

Graphing with the Monarch and Desmos

Cartoon lion sitting beside wrapped gifts, holding balloons and wearing a pointy hat.

Inference activities part 2: Pictures and alt text image descriptions

Voice Dream Reader Cover

Voice Dream Reader: Subscription controversy?