Braille diagram of brain

Braille Science Examples from ViewPlus

Explore these tactile graphics and diagrams that can be downloaded to illustrate various STEM concepts.

ViewPlus offers a number of braille diagrams of scientific concepts that are free to download. These tactile graphics include the following:

Diagrams are available in various sizes and formats, as well as several languages, including some in Japanese, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, French, and Swedish.

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Cartoon image of a science girl wearing goggles and lab coat holding beakers.

Five apps I use in the science classroom as a low vision student

Braille Ignition Kits Logo with owl and text, "TVI Braille Ignition Kits: Tool for Teachers"

TVI Braille Ignition Kits

Laboratory flask with bubbling red liquid representing science labs.

Science labs and low vision