small white 20-cell braille display with black keys; up and down arrows on both sides of the braille

Braille Me: new refreshable braille display

Check out this low cost braille display!

The Braille Me is a new smart braille display by Innovision Tech. This refreshable braille display is a 6-dot, 20-cell display with a Perkins style keyboard that can be paired with iOS and Android devices, and has a micro USB, SD Card slot and DC jack. This lightweight (1.3 lbs) device is compatible with voiceOver, BrailleBack and NVDA screen readers and supports 50+ languages.

Below is a general video demonstrating the Braille Me.

Braille Me, created by Innovision, is distributed in the US by National Braille Press and is currently available for $515.50.

For more information about the Braille Me, go to Innovision’s website here.

To purchase Braille Me (US only) go to the NBP website here.

Braille Me commands here (global commands, BrailleBack (Android) commands, NVDA commands, and iOS commands).

Braille Me Video tutorials here.

By Diane Brauner