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Braille Boom Cards

Free digital braille games - perfect for World Braille Day!

Editor’s Note: In honor of World Braille Day, this popular post has been reposted! The initial post was published January 2021.

Boom Cards are digital, self-checking, interactive activities. Boom is a platform which enables teachers to purchase, find and/or create digital activities for students. Boom decks are a grouping of digital task cards on the same topic. Boom is compatible with a computer, tablet or interactive whiteboard; students need an internet connection in order to access the Boom decks. Create a free or paid Boom account; the paid account provides student progress and activity reports, educators can easily assign multiple decks for students to work on, and educators can create an entire classroom of student logins. Boom decks are available at no cost or can be purchased through Boom Learning or Teachers Pay Teachers.


Just like all educational materials which are created by teachers, accessibility of individual decks varies. Educators can choose to include read aloud buttons, large font, high contrast, etc. The content may lend itself to being more accessible (all text) or may be dependent upon images/graphics. Note: Boom is not fully accessible with a screen reader. Example: With the Braille Learning Series, the menu to choose one of the six games is not accessible with a screen reader.

Boom Learning writes, “We are not currently compliant with the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT). However, authors creating decks can make Boom Cards that are VPAT compliant using audio information, large print, low clutter and high contrast text which should be more accessible for low vision users.”

Braille Boom Decks

TVI Jeannette Norman has created and shared at no cost, three Braille decks: World Braille Day, Braille Learning Series 1 and Nemeth Learning Series 1. These decks are designed to introduce dual media students or people with vision to braille.

If you have an account, you can add the Boom deck to your library, the deck is permanently available to you.


Boom YouTube Videos (webinars and videos by Boom)

Jeanette’s Boom Resources

Here are the available Boom Decks designed to introduce dual media students or people with vision to braille:

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