Screenshot of the Boom Deck cover: icon of the ABC's in simulated braille with the image of a hand reading the Braille.

Braille Boom Cards: Braille learning series 4

Practice UEB Strong Word and Group Signs with this fun game!

TVI Jeanette Norman has created and shared free cane and braille-related Boom Decks for students with low vision. Her latest Boom Card Deck shares three different activities (matching, typing and clicking dots) to learn the Strong Word and Group Signs UEB Braille Contractions. It is an easy instructional tool for low vision users, parents, caregivers, and teachers who want to learn braille visually. As for accessibility, Boom Learning writes, “We are not currently compliant with the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT). However, authors creating decks can make Boom Cards that are VPAT compliant using audio, color, and font size features.” As the author, Jeanette has tried to make these decks as accessible as possible using audio information, large print, low clutter and high contrast text which should be more accessible for low vision users.

Photo Description – Image is an icon of the ABC’s in simulated braille with the image of a hand reading the Braille.

To play the game, click the Fast Play link for users who do not have the Boom Platform (it expires 11/9/2021).

To add the deck to your Boom Library for users who do have the Boom Platform, Boom Braille Learning Series 4, available at no cost on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Jeanette’s Boom resources

Here are the available Boom Decks designed to introduce dual media students or people with vision to braille:

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