Hands holding an iPad that is displaying braille.

Braille Easel Cards: Braille learning series

Practice UEB Strong Word and Group Signs with this fun game!

Updated 1/16/24 TSVI Jeanette Norman has created and shared free cane and braille-related Boom Decks for students with low vision or dual readers. Jeanette has moved her free worksheets from Boom Cards to Easel, due to the rising cost of Boom Cards. Thank you, Jeanette for sharing these free resources!

What is Easel?

Easel was created by TeachersPayTeachers (TPT). 

According to TPT, “Easel by TPT is a suite of online learning tools developed by TPT to help educators deliver interactive instruction to their students. It is the best way for teachers to use the resources they own, love, and trust from the TPT marketplace whether in the classroom or for assignments at home.” 

Easel usually comes with a printable resource, and the resources for Easel can be FREE or paid. The following Simulated Braille Tools are for low vision or sighted learners. Easel does allow for the author to include audio recordings.

Braille Learning Series

I’ve also created Practice Easels for everyone to try without having to include your credentials other than a name (and you can make up a name if you’d like).

By Jeanette Norman, ED.S., CTVI

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