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You made a book in Book Creator - how do you share it with students?

The Book Creator app is one of my favorite apps to use for students of all developmental levels with Visual Impairments. For students with visual impairments who are integrated into the general education curriculum, I love to use Book Creator App as a way to teach them how to create E-Learning Books and self-publish their own books.  

In the steps below, I am going to share how to share books created on the Book Creator App on the iBooks and on the web using a Book Creator Teacher Account. These are actions a teacher or student would make after they create their book.  

Sharing to iBooks

Sharing Screenshot: Export as ePub (for reading in iBooks & Editing), PDF (printing & Sharing), Video (posting on web), Publish Online (with teacher account)

Screenshot of Save popup with name of book, size, option to add note, and Choose Notes.

Screenshot of the Notes App: With name of iBook in the list on the left side and name and iBook ePub on the right side

Screenshot of iBooks page with showing the book covers of books on this iPad

A few end notes on functionality

  1. At the time of publication, all of these steps should be compatible with iOS 10.  However, please note that since the update of iOS11, there have been reports of minor bugs of Voice Over working with iOS 11. Otherwise, the two working together through this process should be seamless.  
  2. Students who are not completely independent with using Voice Over may need support from an adult to get through these step with success.  Like anything else, this will take some practice for independence.

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By Julie Johnson

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