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New gem packs available for Blindfold Color Crush Game!

I created Blindfold Color Crush about two years ago, when everyone was playing Candy Crush.  Candy Crush  is similar to the much older game entitled Bejeweled. The idea for both games is to get three or more items in a row. The more identical items in a row, the more points you get.

Assortment of colorful candy pieces in rows and columns.


In Bejeweled, you had to get three or more gems, in Candy Crush, 3 or more candies. In Color Crush, you had to get 3 or more color names, such as Red, Green or While, in a row.

In the first version, I created several gem packs: colors, pets, fruits and numbers. In the second version, I added large cats, flowers, dogs, cats and fish. Then sports teams names for football, baseball, basketball, hockey and soccer.

Every few months, people would suggest more gem packs ideas.  About a year later, I upgraded the game to include audio gem packs. Instead of saying the name of the item, the game would make the item’s sound. The first of these gem packs were bird songs, such as a belted kingfisher or a great blue heron.

The newest gem packs include dog sounds, small and large cat sounds, wild-west sounds, and outer space sounds.

Here’s a full list:

To download Blindfold Color Crush here.


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