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Blind QA testing (Part 1)

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Accessibility is a hot topic and companies are striving to make their products meet website, platform, and application accessibility standards. Recent lawsuits against inaccessible websites have brought even more attention to accessibility issues. ‘Accessibility testing‘ is defined as a type of systems testing designed to determine whether individuals with disabilities will be able to use the system in question, which could be software, hardware, or some other type of system.

A quick Internet search for Accessibility QA Tester jobs shows that there is a demand for qualified people. Can a tech savvy person who is visually impaired or blind be an Accessibility QA Tester?  You bet!

Brian Dalton, a blind QA tester, shares his experiences and advice working as an Accessibility QA Tester and consultant. He discusses his methodologies and tools, and gives advice for those with diverse ability who are interested in working in this area. In his first article, Blind QA testing (Part 1), Brian briefly discusses his background, defines Accessible QA Testing, lists the browsers and screen readers used, and provides first-hand knowledge about approaches to Accessibility QA testing.

Student Hint: In order to be an Accessibility QA Tester, you must be knowledgeable with various devices and screen readers. You also need to be become an expert on accessibility features.

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By Diane Brauner

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