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Beta testers for Anvaya Feats: Shadow Rush!

Interested in online accessible gaming? 3S Tech & Talent are recruiting people interested in playing and/or interested in all aspects of game development!

The game

Help Joseph navigate the new world of magic and danger. As the story progresses, Joseph is injured and must learn to master new skills to adjust to blindness while still helping to defeat the Shadow. Missions and challenges that the Anvaya Feats characters face are derived from real-life global issues conveyed through social media and the news.

The accessible online game is called Anvaya Feats: Shadow Rush!

Editor’s Note: “Anvaya” means “family”.

Image of Joseph, England, and and intro to Joseph.

Image Description: Joseph

At the top left corner is Joseph’s name in large black font. Next to his name is a graphic image of England.

To the left of the page is the following text: Intro: Joseph is from Southern England. An abused orphan, he doesn’t give himself much credit. But when the Shadow comes for his new Family, Joseph’s amazing powers come to the surface. No one can foresee just how powerful he will become; Joseph’s potential seems limitless.
Country of Origin: England
Gifts/Powers: Binder, Heightened senses
Attributes: Humility, Loyalty; Self-Sacrificing
Skills: Expert in All Hand-to-Hand Fighting Arts, Sword & Staff

To the right of the text is an anime concept artwork of the character. Joseph has pale ivory skin and green eyes and he is wearing a black oversized hoodie. He wears a very faint smile as his dark unruly hair covers his right eye.

Want to know more about the characters? Character images and descriptions are available on the Anvaya Feats website.


This new accessible online game is based on the epic fantasy series, Anvaya Feats. Learn more about the book project here and the Digital Comic Series here.  3S is offering a free promo from now until July 12th to listen to or read a free chapter! Promo information here.

Beta testing

Beta testing for Shadow Rush! began May 31, 2022 and continues through the end on or near July 31, 2022; however, Premier Access Program participants will work with our team on an ongoing basis and will receive free access and perks for their continued involvement. For beta testing information and to signup, go to Shadow Rush Premiere Access Program.

The small business behind Anvaya Feats

3S Tech and Talent is a unique small business with a twist: they are interested in accessibility and supporting people with disabilities to build skills for success in STEM careers. The game play is carefully crafted with available embedded screen reader hints to provide opportunities for students who are blind or low vision to learn and practice screen reader skills. The main character is about a young man who becomes blind and missions include following Joseph as he learns VI skills. The content also incorporates global issues, providing awareness and a platform for students to discuss issues that impact their lives and others around the world.

3S Tech & Talent LLC was founded as 3S Technologies LLC in 2017 by LaToya Smith and her husband Jeff. As of June 2021, the company name was updated to address their many creative capabilities. LaToya has since assumed full ownership of 3S and reshaped the company mission to focus on serving underserved communities and causes. Jeff still serves as Chief Information and Technology Officer for 3S as he completes his PhD in Education Technology.

Development of Shadow Rush

The original Anvaya Feats story was written by J.E. Smith, co-founder of 3S Tech and Talent. The Anvaya team includes interns with disabilities from around the world. Students in the Anvaya Intern Program learn critical business skills and culture; and, each student applies his/her personal talent through a capstone project related to Anvaya Feat. Example: One intern with graphic design talent, Sarah Khan, created the character images. Sarah is the Lead Artist and Illustrator for Anvaya Feats, Shadow Rush, and Anvaya Kids, which is set to relase this fall for children 6 and up. You can follow Sarah’s work here. Interns with outstanding capstone projects are invited back to implement their ideas for the project or business improvements!  

Focus areas for interns include:

Learn more about Anvaya Internships here. These paid internships are virtual and are open to people with disabilities of all ages!

Note: The internships do not teach VI-specific skills, such as JAWS; instead, the internship focuses on the next step – how to successfully integrate and be a dynamic contributing member of a business team!

Editor’s thoughts

3S Tech and Talent has created a unique and incredibly successful revolving business model! 3S is creating much-needed accessible resources, such as the online game, Shadow Rush. 3S provides STEM internship opportunities to people with disabilities that integrate using personal talents to advance the online game. It’s an amazing business model and a win-win for everyone!

3S Tech and Talent and the original artist granted Paths to Technology permission to use images and character drescriptions.


Are you a small business owner or want to be? RFPQuick WebPage is another 3S Tech and Talent project that is currently seeking beta testers. RFPQuick is an accessible solution to help disabled and disadvantaged business owners to successfully navigate and apply for commercial and government contracting. Learn more about RFPQuick here!

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