Beginning Readers -Sight Words: Lesson, Activities, Tips

Follow Sadie, a beginner reader with CVI, through a series of lessons!

The lesson is a jumping off point to become a unit done in days, weeks, and course of the year however necessary. Never take a lesson and end it, keep it going. 

Lesson 1: Learning Sight Words 


The student will identify in print 5/6 sight words correctly with individualized CVI adaptations in place by pointing or saying the word on request when instructed. 

Note: What CVI adaptations are necessary for comfortable reading…this assessment takes place over time. A baseline is created for success. The goal is not that they can see the word, the goal is that it is easy and comfortable for the student to read. If they are struggling visually to read words this is not an accurate assessment of their intellectual abilities. A book can be written about this, for the brevity of this lesson, I am giving you Sadie’s adaptations at this moment. 

Sadie sitting at a table with peers with her WWW flashcards on a black background.


What does the child know? (for example: can they visually identify their name and basic words like: mom, dad, I…in print)


Attached are the sight words we used in Sadie’s 1st grade class, they are typical but check with your school and use what they use for consistency

Packet of individual Word Wall Words on a ring. Packet of Word Wall Words on a ring with the underlined word


Note: I do not bubble her words, we never needed this though we experimented with it. A good, bold front with about 36 font or larger, is comfortable for Sadie. I underline the word in highlighter so she can easily see that it is not upside down 

NOTE: If the reading material is too cluttered, teacher should make necessary adaptations, even creating simplified book if necessary. 


More Ideas 

Play a game as reinforces or additional lessons:

Tips and Reminders

Lakeshore beginning reader alphabet books showing books for N, S, R, Q.Lakeshore Learning alphabet book R with the letter R and a red rose image.


Student has identified in print 5/6 sight words correctly, with individualized CVI adaptations in place, by pointing or saying the word on request when instructed. 

Word Wall Words for First Grade Attached here.


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