The Beach iBook

Accessible iBook about the beach.

This iBook is about going to the beach!  Using high contrast images and sounds, the writer talks about playing in the sand, laughing with friends, and throwing the frisbee!  See more iBooks created by Dr. Gary Bishop’s students.

Simple illustrations are often used to help sighted emerging readers ‘read’ the book. How do emerging readers who are blind receive the same type of prompts when reading a digital book? In The Beach book, each page has a beautiful simple illustration and has a unique corresponding sound which provides prompts for a student who is visually impaired. Example: The page with the text, “I splash in the water.”, has an image of a girl in a float in the water and sounds of water splashing. The page with the text, “I hear seagulls.”,  has a picture of two seagulls and sounds of squawking seagulls. This book is accessible with VoiceOver and the text will appear in braille on the braille display.

a girl in a swim ring at a beach

Note: This iBook was created using the free app iBooks Author on an Apple computer.  iBooks can be viewed on either an Apple computer or iOS device.

Click on the attached file to open the The Beach iBook. You must have the free iBook app on your computer or iOS device to view an iBook.  If using an Apple computer, the book will be physically located in your Download Folder (down arrow symbol located in the Tool bar at the top right).  Selecting the iBook story (The Beach) will open the book in iBooks.  If you are using an iPad, select the attached book.  Then, select Open In iBooks.

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