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Be My Eyes is an app for people with visual impairments. This app connects with a real person who can help you read something that you can not see.

Can You See? Well, I sure cannot. Anyway, there’s a great app called Be My Eyes. This app will connect you to a person who can see, and then they can read or see something for you that you want help with. 

Be My Eyes is a fantastic free app that can help you with your day-to-day tasks such as ordering food at a restaurant. This app requires iOS 9.2 or later. Unfortunately, this app can be found only on Apple devices. Since this app will connect you with a real live person and not a robot, it enables you to have a real conversation. The website link is  

Other ways you may find Be My Eyes helpful is when you want to see a photo, but you’re not able to.  The volunteer you are connected to will describe what the picture looks like, or they can also tell you who or what you are looking at. For example, say you go into a store like Starbucks, and you need to read the menu. If you can’t see it, the person on the other side will be able to tell you what the menu says. One more example of when you may use this is when you are trying to find a particular shirt or piece of clothing, but you’re not quite sure what it looks like so you use Be My Eyes. The person on the other side will be able to tell you what color it is, or if you want their opinion of which one looks the best on you. 

Overall, Be My Eyes is a great accessible app which helps people with visual impairments accomplish everyday tasks.  



By Harry

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