Chrome and Book Creator logos with text

The Basics of Book Creator for the Web

How does the web based version of Book Creator work with Chrome Books?

The Basics

In the past I have completed several blogs about the Book Creator app.  However, about six months ago the developers created a web based version for Chrome.

Screenshot of Book Creator sign in: I am student or I am teacher buttons.

In the teacher account the following features exist:

YouTube Video Features of the Teacher Account can viewed at the link below:

In the student account, the following features exist:

YouTube Video Features of the Student Account can viewed at the link below:

Accessibility for People with Visual Impairments:

This is where we are going to need more experimentation (and more blogs).

I experimented using the the accessibility features on my Chrome Book. I was able to do the following:

Current Barriers for Web Version:

My Two Cents:

The web version of Book Creator is ideal for individuals with low vision who can use the embedded accessibility features on a computer or low vision software such as ZoomText. For students who require screen reading features, I would say the app version on iOS is a much better option. 



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