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Back to School Activity: How I Like to Learn

Get to know each student's preferred learning style while introducing self-advocacy concepts with this student survey!

There are many wonderful ‘first day’ activities for the beginning of school – most of which are fun icebreaker student activities. This back to school activity can improve your teaching style! Get to know your student through the How I Like to Learn activity which provides critical student insight. Classroom teachers can use this information to develop trends in the classroom and improve the learning environment for individual students and the entire class. Often working 1:1 with a student, TVIs are very aware of each student’s preferred learning styles; but, have you specifically asked your student about his/her learning preferences?


In addition to learning your student’s preferred learning style, this activity also supports introducing your student to self-advocacy. The first steps to self-advocacy include identifying preferences and sharing that information. Often as educators, we (TVIs) pave the way for our students instead of actively involving them in each step of the process. Asking what the student likes demonstrates that his/her opinion is valued. Questions also help the student realize there are choices and which choices work best for him/her. 

This general list of questions is geared for all students in a general education class and is a great inclusive activity for the whole class. You can use the following general yes or no questions or create your own list. If using this survey with your blind or low vision student, you can choose to highlight IEP accommodations. What accommodations are included in your student’s IEP? Incorporate questions that focus on these accommodations. Learn something new by including an open-ended question! Keep it short and simple for young students; or, include the Additional Questions. What do you want to know about your student or what do you want the gen ed teachers to know about your student?

How I Like to Learn Questions

  1. I work best when it is quiet.
  2. I can work when there is noise in the classroom.
  3. I like to work at a table or desk.
  4. I like to work on the floor.
  5. I like to work on an assignment until it is completed.
  6. Sometimes I get frustrated with my work and do not finish.
  7. I like to learn by moving around the room.
  8. I like to work by myself.
  9. I like to work in a group or with a partner.
  10. I like to work using technology.
  11. I like to work using paper and pencil.
  12. I like to sit at the front of the room.
  13. I like to sit at the back of the room.

Additional Questions

  1. I like to work in bright light.
  2. I like to work in dim light.
  3. I can sit quietly for periods of time.
  4. I like to move around.
  5. I like to learn at my own pace, independently.
  6. I like the class to move quickly.
  7. I like the class to move slowly.

Download Questions

Download the How I Like to Learn questions. Note: The attached questions are available as sentences or in a table so that students can simply check a yes or no box. Do you know your student’s preferred format? Choose the correct format for your student (braille, print, digital format, or added to a quiz template such as Google Forms).

How I Like to Learn Sentences

How I Like to Learn Table

Attached File(s)

https://www.perkins.org/wp-content/uploads/elearning-media/How%20I%20Like%20to%20Learn.docx https://www.perkins.org/wp-content/uploads/elearning-media/How%20I%20Like%20to%20Learn2.docx
By Diane Brauner

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