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Audible Sight: A new method for creating audio descriptions

Groundbreaking software to create audio described connect through AI-assisted audio descriptions.

Introduced during ATIA 2024, Audible Sight is groundbreaking software designed to make more video content accessible to viewers who are blind or low vision through AI-assisted audio descriptions. “Our objective is to build an AI system that delivers 95% accuracy in real time, cost-effectively and without the need for specialized skills. Users can easily edit the descriptions to near-perfect accuracy.” – Audible Sight

Press release

Orlando, FL, January 25, 2024 –(– Today, Audible Sight, Inc. proudly announces the launch of its barrier-breaking software-as-a-service that helps visually impaired people to “see” your video content by seamlessly inserting audible descriptions into the video. At the Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA) annual conference that opened today in Orlando, Audible Sight™ demonstrated how, within minutes, their AI analyzes the visual content of any video. It then generates simple text descriptions that are then verbalized using a synthetic voice. These editable descriptions get added to the original video effortlessly, and users get their accessible version within minutes. Until now, adding audio descriptions to video has been slow, expensive, and labor-intensive.

In a world increasingly driven by visual content, Audible Sight addresses a critical need by supplying audio descriptions easily and affordably. This novel AI-powered software ensures that visually impaired people can access the visual portion of millions of otherwise invisible videos.

Key features of Audible Sight:

Ken Rybarczk, CEO of Audible Sight, Inc., expressed his excitement about the release of Audible Sight: “We believe in leveraging technology to enrich people’s lives. Audible Sight reflects our commitment to making the world more accessible, one video at a time. We are proud to contribute to a more inclusive digital landscape.”

“You can get details about Audible Sight™ at We invite everyone to join us in making the video universe more equitable.”

About Audible Sight, Inc.:
Audible Sight™ uses computer vision to open a universe of new video content for visually impaired persons. It will help to make audio description as ubiquitous as closed captioning is for the hearing impaired.


Audible Sight, Inc.
Ken Rybarczyk

Intro to Audible Sight YouTube video:

Best practices for audio descriptions

Interested in learning more about what should be included in audio descriptions (AD)? Audible Sight Soundbites are a series of quick videos that provide an overview about AD, information about what should be included in an AD script and where the AD should be embedded into the video without disturbing the narrative flow. Soundbites videos are available both with and without AD on YouTube.

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