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Are you interested in podcasting? Have you ever listened to podcasts that are created by kids for kids? Ari, an 11 year old who hosts the AtYourLevel podcast series, recently discussed the topic of Time. Ari’s podcasts are upbeat, full of humor, and will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat! Listen to his most recent podcast, Time.

Time Episode Description

It’s time. . . for a season finale! In this timely episode, we explore the concept of time itself. Meet 10 year olds Madrona, Audrey, Zea, Isla and Claudia and answer Ari’s time-related questions with them. Dig a little deeper on this mind-boggling topic with Tufts University’s Philosophy professor Jody Azzouni. We’ll aslo have time for Bad Dad, biZaReE ASMR, Nerd Out and a little ‘What if World’ related bonus. 

Time Episode:

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To be a guest, simply email Ari at [email protected]. Just name the topic(s) you’re interested in. Any kid that wants to be on the show, will be on the show! The more topics you list, the better your luck that they’ll find other kids that share your interest and make that episode sooner.

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Previous Podcasts Topics (Season 1)

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Here is a message from Ari:

By Diane Brauner

A Circuit with the side image of a head in the center of the circuit wires.

Teaching Artificial Intelligence to BLV students

Yard full of colorful balloons attached to Easter eggs.

Easter Egg Hunt for students with visual impairments

A basket of colorful Easter eggs.

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