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AtYourLevel podcast: Invite to talk

AtYourLevel, a podcast for kids by kids, invites YOU to be a part of the show!

Update: April 5, 2021

Ari’s recent podcast covers the exciting topic, Video Games! Ari interviews Minecraft’s Rebecca Gordius who shares the inside scoop, nerds out about how video games affect players, and includes kid guests who shared about their favorite video games – including a kid guest who is visually impaired! Check out the Video Games podcast: direct links to Video Games itunes and Video Games Google.

11 year old Ari, the voice behind AtYourLevel podcasts, shares a special invite to Paths to Technology viewers!

Listen to Ari’s message below:

Ari would love to hear from you! Visit AtYourLevelPod.com or email their recording to [email protected]

To listen, look up ‘At Your Level’ on iTunes or your favorite podcast player.


AtYourLevel podcast post (Detailed information on how to record and share audio clips, along with information about what to record!)

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