A blind musician holding an iPhone up to identify the stage door.

Apple accessibility video

Living life independently with Apple's accessibility features!

Innovative features like Door Detection, Voice Control, Sound Recognition, AssistiveTouch, and Magnifier are more than just ‘cool tech features’; these options are life-changing for people with disabilities. Apple’s deeply moving accessibility video, The Greatest, showcases how these features are impacting lives.

Scenes from the video include people with vision, hearing, mobility and cognitive disabilities who are triumphantly using Apple devices to enhance their lives. Scenes in the video include:

The Greatest video with audio descriptions:

The Greatest video without audio descriptions:

screenshot of a young man using the Seeing AI app for indoor navigation.

Seeing AI: Indoor Navigation

Colorfully decorated red, white and pink heart cookies for Valentine's Day.

Valentine’s Day Tech Activities

Drawing of a laptop on a desk.

Technology goals required for the workplace