Screenshot of Blindfold Greeting card app's main screen with directions: 1. select sound effect

App Review: Blindfold Greeting Card

Creating customized accessible greeting cards!

Editor’s Note: Does your friend have an upcoming birthday? If so, we typically browse through birthday cards to find the perfect print card for each friend. Students who are visually impaired do not have the same access to available cards for peers and family member’s birthdays. Blindfold Greeting App is a fun way for students to practice tech skills as they create and send a customized digital card!

I love reading about all the new apps that are out on the market for Blind adults. As many of my secondary students approach transition, I am continuing to explore accessibility apps for Blind adults that my students can use in their everyday lives and relationships.

A recent app I have found that I just love is the “Blindfold Greeting App.” 

The Blindfold Greeting App is free with in-app purchases and upgrades.

The consumer can pick two sounds, a fun pre-recorded sound like dogs barking, balloons popping, etc. followed by a pre-recorded greeting with more accessibility options available after you upgrade. 

The app is intuitive and Voice Over Accessible, my students and I definitely enjoy.

In the video below, you can listen to a sample card we created on my iPhone:

By Julie Johnson

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