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Is that App Accessible or Not? Support Accessibility

Help make apps accessible and support those apps that are accessible!

The App Store and Google Play are full of educational apps geared for all levels of students.  Mainstream classroom teachers are using these fun educational apps to help students learn and practice math, reading, and other subjects.  Students thoroughly enjoy playing these games.  However, what can YOU do when a mainstream app is not accessible?

Inaccessible Educational Apps

Some app developers are not aware of accessibility needs while other app developers do not prioritize accessibility.  App reviews and ratings are important to developers/app companies!  Bringing awareness to accessibility issues – especially when multiple people review or contact the app company – will drive the direction for app updates or future apps.

Common Accessibility Issues

Many of the apps geared for preschool and elementary-age students use visual inaccessible graphics, layouts with animated/moving pieces, and inaccessible Technically Enhanced Items (TEIs) such as Drag and Drop without including accessibility features.  Many of these issues can be easily resolved, such as labeling buttons, adding alt text image descriptions, including accessible Drag and Drop features and including other universal design features.  Some issues are fundamental to the initial design of the app and are not easily resolved after the app has been developed.   It is important that app developers consider accessibility before designing an app.

Accessible Educational Apps

Just as it is important to rate and review inaccessible apps, it is also important to support accessible apps by rating and reviewing them!  Mainstream app developers need positive feedback – especially when they have worked hard to make and maintain the accessibility of their app!  There are a small number of groups that have created wonderful, accessible apps specifically for students with visual impairments.  These companies tend to be small and often rely on outside funding to create and maintain their apps.  Funding sources look at the number of downloads and they look at the app’s rating and reviews.  It is critical that users actively support these accessible apps!

Sonokids has created several apps to specifically teach VoiceOver gestures.  Phia Damsma and John Norgaard, with Sonokids, are currently working on new apps and have recently sent out a request for users to support their work.  Below is  request:

Love our Tech Ed game apps? Want to support Sonokids’ ongoing development of similar apps? 

It only takes one minute of your time to rate one or more of our apps on the AppStore. 
Ratings and reviews on the App Store really help us!

How to Rate and/or Review an App

Note: These directions apply to any iOS app that you would like to rate or review.

Note that you need to own the app to be able to Rate it.

Thank you so much for your support, and please ask other ‘fans’ to do the same!

How to Rate and/or Review an App using VoiceOver


By Diane Brauner

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